Federation of Southern Republics

March 20, 2014

For years I considered myself to be a patriot. Some people may view this post and the ideas within it as un-American. The fact is that what is un-American is the the direction that America is headed. I probably feel this way for different reasons than many who might say the same thing. Its hard to call myself a conservative or a liberal. There is plenty from the past that I would not care for us to hold onto. There is also many socialist ideas that I would prefer not to move forward into. I certainly do not agree with the close minded lock step of the current American two party system. In many ways I guess I am a Libertarian who believes in very limited federal government with a heavy dose of the right for states to govern themselves. I am also a realist. I don’t cling to the notion that an old suffering animal can be fixed just to appease the  selfish owner. People have to have to make the decision to put down a suffering pet. Working animals are a similar matter often with less emotion involved. If a working animal no longer works it is time to replace them with one that does. You don’t necessarily kill a plow horse that wont plow but you certainly get a new one that does work. Keep this in mind. I see a lot of internet commandos who talk about revolution, the south rising again, and other fantasy crap. The South never rose to begin with. The South left.  I think that it is time for the South to leave again. This time on a better note. A note that will leave the history books no excuses.  Not on the heels of slavery or jim crow. A peaceful separation from a broken union where policy is made through back door deals and media bribes. A secession from a nation that promotes slavery through debt and entitlement benefits, who tramples its citizens freedoms spends its borrowed money invading sovereign nations and financing foreign coupes, leaving our children to pay the price.

Many a night I have laid in bed wondering how feasible a secession from the union would be. It seems nearly impossible, but as history has taught us, all things are possible. One of my greatest concerns was building a new nation and the possibility of the new nation not being a free a country. After all I have always loved the US Constitution at least when its being practiced word for word.  So just like the US had the PATRIOT ACT ready to go as a contingency in case they got the chance to use it, I decided to begin a Constitution for what I am calling the Federation of Southern Republics, should we have the need to use it. Unlike our current document, this one begins not ends by documenting a  list of freedoms and rights granted the people by a higher power.  This is a first draft of the 20 articles of liberty which I see as a fitting opener to a new Constitution of a new federation of republics (states).  I felt the US Bill of Rights was a near perfect document however I wanted to make this one a bit more obvious for those of the Justin Bieber and common core curriculum generation. Any comments or criticisms are welcome particularly from those who have more experience that myself writing legal documents. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless the Republic of Louisiana.


Articles of Liberty

  1.  No government official or agency shall make any law, rule, regulation, or restriction in respect to the establishment, practice or observance of religion, or lack of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
  2. No government official or agency shall make any law, rule, regulation, or restriction abridging the freedom of a person or people to engage in free speech, broadcast, print media, electronic media, signs, symbols, words, placards, or future methods of human communication not yet invented.
  3. No government official or agency shall make any law, rule, regulation or restriction, preventing the people from their freedom to peacefully assemble and / or to petition their Government for a redress of grievances.
  4. An armed public is necessary to the security of our families, communities, and States. No law, rule, regulation, or restriction shall be made in this land that in any way questions, infringes upon or deprives a private citizen from his or her right to own, store, carry on their person, practice with, and  use for the protection of his or her self, family, community, business, organization, or State,  conventional arms of a modern, antique, or futuristic nature specifically including but not limited to those of equal caliber, size, capacity, cycle of operation, and overall function of those used by any standing military on the planet.
  5. The right of the people to form, muster and drill as an unpaid citizen militia necessary to the security of the community and State and to provide disaster recovery assistance shall not be questioned or infringed upon.
  6. No military personnel shall be in peacetime quartered in any home or business without the consent of the resident or owner, or in wartime except as use of makeshift fortification in the face of immediate clear and present danger of foreign invasion.
  7. The people have the right to be secure in their persons, homes, belongings and communications against search or seizure without a written warrant signed by an elected Judge in their judicial district.  No warrants shall be issued but upon detailed probable cause supported by oath or affirmation, containing a list of suspected criminal activity, and particularly describing the place real, or virtual, to be searched and the persons, things, documents, records, or communications to be handled, inspected, photographed, copied, or seized.
  8. No person shall be held to answer for capital crime, felony, or any crime by which a person may be imprisoned for more than one year unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases involving member of the military or in the state guard when in actual service in time of legally declared war or imminent invasion from a bona fide foreign military.
  9. No person shall be subject to prosecution for the same offense more than once.
  10. No person shall be compelled to in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.
  11. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.
  12. Private property shall not be taken for public use without immediate and just compensation.
  13. In all criminal prosecutions  the accused has the right to a fair, speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of qualified and competent legal counsel for his defense.
  14. Civil suits claiming monetary amounts at or exceeding  the equivalent of 40 hours’ work at the current minimum wage shall be entitled to trial by jury.
  15. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
  16. The enumeration in this document, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
  17. The powers not delegated to the Federation Council by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the individual republics, are reserved to the individual republics respectively, or to the people.
  18. No person shall be held in a state of slavery or indentured servitude, except those sentenced to hard labor by an elected judge as punishment for a crime and only then after being found or having pleaded guilty in a fair and public trial.
  19.  The Council Chairman shall make no executive order that bypasses the authority granted the Council  nor shall he activate the military without the approval of the Council unless in response to clear and present danger of imminent invasion by a foreign military.  To do so would deprive the people of their very basic right of self-government.
  20. This document shall not be mistaken as list of permissions and protections being granted the people by its authors or any government. The rights and protections listed herein are those that the people are granted by a higher authority. An authority based deep in the hearts and consciences of all moral humans that mankind has the inestimable gift of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that cannot be granted or taken by any king, dictator, tsar, oligarchy, council, parliament, congress, president, chairman, or document and to violate these rights for any purpose is treason against mankind.
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Gun Show Etiquette

May 18, 2013

This weekend in towns all over our great nation, many families are headed to their local gun and knife show. I cannot vouch for all the dealers at these events and I cannot control how other dealers act or how they set their prices but I can vouch for a majority of both dealers and attendees that the experience will be much more enjoyable if the following rules are followed.

1. Ask before you pick up a firearm. First off its polite. That table is the dealer’s store. Dealer’s close their retail stores for the weekend and bring their inventory that normally sits protected in display cases to these events for you to browse through and handle prior to purchasing or moving on. That $550 dollar Glock cost that dealer $450 and its only polite to ask before handling.
2. Don’t make hypothetical deals. This means don’t make an offer that you can’t deliver on just to see if the dealer will haggle down. If you say “I’ll take it for 500″ and the dealer agrees, its time to pay the man and compete your deal.

3. Children…. I have 4 kids. I love my kids. Nobody wants my kids or yours running around unsupervised at a gun show, grabbing at guns and knives.

4. Your tobacco spit cup belongs in your hand or in the trash, never on a merchants table.

5. Please handle merchandise the way you would want others to treat it if it belonged to you. If you pick something up, look at it, and for whatever reason decide you don’t want to buy it, gently place it back as it was for others to check out as well. Tossing it carelessly back onto other items is rude.

6. Asking for illegal favors is the epitome of rude. Look dude, i don’t know you, have never met you and you think for some reason that I would gladly risk years in prison and ruin my career just to make a hundred bucks for turning your POS yugo SKS into a belt fed machine gun.

7. That gun is not for your baby mama. Look here thuggish ruggish gold toothed g-thang…. You picked up that Glock, finger banged it for 15 minutes, counted your giant wad of tens and fives 3 times, thought about it, showed it to your friends, and now when it comes to filling out the paperwork its suddenly for your pregnant baby mama with a black eye pushing a stroller 20 feet away. We’re not stupid Tupac, and that is a felony.

8. This one is aimed at dealers…. If you’re tables are devoid or firearms, knives, ammunition, or anything that would normally be found at a gun store, police supply store, or army surplus store, you are probably at the wrong event. No one wants to pay 8 dollars to see your collection of costume jewelry, exotic candles, bedazzled sunglasses, chinese tools, or random plastic crap. The beef jerky guys are excused because they provide a necessary manliness to gun show cuisine. But if I can’t eat it, shoot it, load it, cut with it, or wear it to the range, hunting camp or a civil war reenactment…. then it doesn’t belong at a gun show. Find a flea market.. you’ll fit right in.

9. Also aimed at dealers… many of you sell crap products. Cheap lasers, cheap knives, Bryco handguns, etc. You know your product is crap. Its your right to sell a crap product but stop grasping for sales by telling people your 50 dollar laser is as good as the 200 dollar Viridian laser on the next table. Stop telling people that you 10 dollar knife will hold as good of an edge as the 250 dollar Emerson a few tables down. You know if you just sold quality you wouldn’t have to lie to get sales. Good products sell themselves.

10. Tomorrow is Sunday…. go enjoy a gun show with your family if for nothing else that for the pure entertainment value of watching people blatantly break these rules.

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Zen and The Art of Zombie Survival

April 18, 2012

OK… i have been making the zombie joke for years. A lot of people have. Back in 2004 a guy I knew wanted to make AK receivers that said ZOMBIES in the fire position of the selector and RELOADING when the weapon was on safe. It was funny at the time but just like everything else in the world…. once it becomes mainstream trendy, it kinda gets ruined. The Zombie joke has jumped the shark big time.

Nonetheless… here are my tips for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse….

1. don’t tell people you are coming to their house if the Zombies strike. Especially if you don’t know them that well. Its rude and no one wants to think about you coming to borrow the stuff they spent years collecting because you are too lazy to collect the gear yourself.

2. Food is more important than ammo. Its really hard to eat a case of 5.56. Plant gardens, raise rabbits and chickens, etc. Its really inexpensive to start this project and its basically a never ending source of food if managed properly.

3. Gas masks are a waste of money unless you are a weirdo like me and just think they make good decorations in your house. They barely work, and they are not designed to keep you alive for very long…. they are designed to keep troops in a fight a little while longer. Besides, we are talking about zombie not world war one.

4. Avoid paranoia….. yes Alex Jones, I mean that.. its not healthy

5. Invest 3 dollars in a canteen…. Zombies don’t like to run and would prefer to munch on dehydrated people that move slowly.

6. Don’t rely on your vehicle. They take gasoline or diesel to be able to move and if you have ever been anywhere that recently had a hurricane, you know that gas is a luxury not a right. Plus it degrades over time. Time to start a power walking routine.

7. Buy a sleeping bag of some sort. You are gonna look stupid dragging a 3 thousand dollar memory foam mattress down the street.

8.Learn how to cook if you don’t cook now….. nothing is more  degrading than being forced to eat jerky for the rest of your life cause you can’t boil water properly.

9. Pump shotguns are amazingly versatile weapons. Its a rabbit gun, a squirrel gun, a bird gun, a deer gun, and a zombie gun all in one easy to carry package. Good luck hitting a rabbit with an AR-15… its possible but not all that easy.

10. DON’T be there. There’s this thing called the rapture that happens before the dead walk the earth. I would highly suggest making friends with Jesus before all of this happens cause its gonna be a lot cooler than the alternative. If you accidentally miss the rapture, make sure to yell “dont mark me bro” at the beast… cause you might still have a chance then.


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Its a ceramic gun!!!

March 3, 2012

So once again I learned a lesson. Do not make posts titled part one or everyone wants you to finish them with a part two, all the while you feel like writing about something else. This has absolutely nothing to do with vintage firearms or ammunition. In fact most gun folks over the age of thirty will probably find it boring and repetitive…….. but there is a whole new generation of shooters who hardly remember the 90s. So if you older folks wanna read on for a laugh down memory lane feel free… if not, you can catch the newest episodes of Jersey Shore on MTV pretty much playing around the clock… or you could walk the dog or something.

So in 1990 a movie called Die Hard 2 came out. For those of you who have just reached the legal handgun ownership age, you probably didn’t see it in the theater. You really didn’t miss much except one simple line that sent the gun control lobby into a frenzy. In the film there is a scene where Bruce Willis claims that the Glock pistol carried by one of the bad guys is a ceramic gun that can get past an airport metal detector. I was 11 years old when this movie came out and I knew he was full of crap. Less than a year before that I saw my first Glock in person.  My Cub Scout pack took a tour of a local sheriffs office and jail and the deputy who gave the tour showed us his Glock 17 service pistol, demonstrating how it had to to be put in a lock box before entering the cell block area. At age 11 I was by no means a firearms expert but I could clearly see the pistol had a plastic frame and that most of the other parts were made of metal. The deputy told us that the company who made the firearm was called Glock and that it was made in Austria. I was a bit fascinated by the weapon but it wasn’t until I saw Die Hard 2 that I started noticing false claims about these weapons made left and right.

First off the Glock model 17 is the first model the company produced. Its model number is based on the 17 round magazine capacity. The frame of the weapon is injected molded polymer ( plastic if you will) with metal rails, a steel barrel and slide, and a majority of its thirty-something parts made of metal. So for the folks out there ( ahem..Sarah Brady) that realistically think that it can pass through airport security undetected…well let me just say as nicely as possible that you need to repeat 4th grade science.

The movie Die Hard 2 actually ( and I wish I was kidding) sparked a witch hunt against Glock. Overnight you had senators claiming that it could get past airport security.  In 1990, a Glock was a rather expensive pistol and not at all the weapon of the common street criminal or gang member. This did not seem to matter to the anti-gun lobby. As far as they were concerned, if Bruce Willis said it was the tool of a terrorist, then it was. I often wondered if these same folks thought the scene where his character John McClain used the ejection seat of a grounded aircraft to successfully parachute away from a cockpit full of grenades was realistic.

It seriously boggles my mind that the gun control lobby believes crap like this. I believe the movie Dick Tracey came out that same summer. The film had a several minute gun fight where Tracey never reloads his Thompson but fires constantly. Anyone who has ever fired a submachine gun know the magazine no matter how large is empty in seconds. And yet the Brady Campaign and others feel the need to use Hollywood as their text book for firearms information.

For those of you just old enough to own a firearm… DO NOT take for granted the fact that you can buy an AR-15 with a flash hider, bayonet lug, pistol grip, and a 30 round magazine. When I turned 18, that was only an option if you bought an insanely priced “pre-ban” rifle.  Until I was 25, buying a new pistol with a magazine over 10 rounds was not happening. And the sad part is, that the gun grabbers in congress used movies like Die hard 2 to get their way.

Now call me crazy, but if I recall correctly, on Tuesday September 11th 2001, there were no Glock pistols in the hands of the bad guys. Just simple razor knife box cutters we can all buy with five bucks at any hardware store. It would have looked pretty stupid for a senator or congressperson  to propose a bill banning those. Instead, they pushed for a renewal of the Clinton crime bill, but thankfully lost that fight.

Every one of us has a family member or friend who believes the lies and the hype forced on us about firearms by the media and those who seek to further their political careers by demonizing firearms. They probably were scared to death about the evil plastic terrorist pistol in Die Hard 2. In fact if they knew you had one the might even call the cops to report you. And they probably wouldn’t even notice the firearm on the hip of the officer taking the report was an evil “ceramic” Glock.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the 2nd amendment is something I take very seriously, and I urge those who oppose it to stay home from voting, pop some popcorn, and spend their days watching Die Hard 2.

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The Dark Side (part 1)

February 6, 2012

No I am not talking about Star Wars, however I could annoy you for hours on that topic. I’m talking about black powder. Black powder cartridge shooting and hunting to be specific. And I mean real black powder, not those in-line pellet eating so called black powder rifles everyone and their second cousin buys to squeeze another couple weeks out of deer season. I don’t mean a black powder substitute of any kind. It’s not that I have anything against the substitutes as a lot of them got more guys interested in shooting something other than their regular deer rifle every year. They have their advantages when it comes to cleaning and ease of loading, but something is lacking for me. I guess for me it goes back to my first vacation as a child. When I was 3 years old, my parents took me and my infant brother to Arizona to visit old friends of the family who had relocated to the Phoenix area. I remember 4 main things from that trip: my first close up look at a real motorcycle, my first airplane flight, the grand canyon, and my first set of “real” six guns.

That trip contains all of my first truly vivid childhood memories. I remember what I ate on the plane on the flight there, the amazing colors of the canyon when viewed from different places, at different times of day, the log cabin style lodge that we stayed in, and probably most telling of my future…. my first wild west show. Now I don’t remember much of the show. I have seen plenty of them over the course of my 33 years, but I left that show armed with the finest brace of single action roll cap firing peacemakers a 3 year old has ever held. On a scale of 1 to10 these must have scored an 11 on the flea market crap scale…. but I was 3 and I was sure I needed these to defend my family for the duration of our stay.

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An Addiction?

January 23, 2012

We have a heard it from someone in our lives. Someone who doesn’t share the passion for shooting sports or collecting that we do. Sometimes it is said jokingly and other times compared to a gambling or drug problem. If you are new to shooting and collecting firearms, you may not have heard it yet. It is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. Undeniably someone in your circle of family and friends will make the remark that you have a firearms addiction. I have heard it countless times. Those who say it usually do not take consideration into the fact that my career and livelihood for my entire adult life has been gunsmithing. However it’s not me that I want to talk about. It’s the guy who breaks his back all week working overtime so that his family can have what they need and when he has some extra cash, he adds to his gun collection or takes his collection to the range on a day off, in the process burning through hundreds of dollars in ammo.

I happened to be blessed with a wife who has embraced firearms culture, and children who are interested in guns and shooting. My parents both support my love of the industry and my father has become quite the gun enthusiast himself. Unfortunately I know a lot of guys my age and older who do not have family supportive of their passion. Some of these guys I feel bad for, and some I do not. The ones who I feel bad for are the guys who go to work every day, keep their bills paid on time, take care of their family first and foremost both financially and through spending quality time with them. These guys deserve not to be hassled by loved ones about how many guns they own or why firearms are such a part of their pastimes.

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Outlaw hogs in the deep south

January 20, 2012

Louisiana is known nation-wide for many things, some we are more proud of than others. Yearly our largest city is swarmed by hoards of hard drinking tourists eager for a wild week of lewd and lascivious  revelry. More often than not these thrill seekers head home on Ash Wednesday with little more than a bad hangover, a empty wallet, a handful of cheap plastic beads and the hopeful wish that their actions will never be displayed on the internet.  A few things we are proud of here in this state are our year-round motorcycle riding season,  a rich a diverse culinary culture, our extremely reasonable firearms laws, and a deeply rooted hunting and fishing culture.  Now the title of this post may have brought to mind a HOG of a different variety than intended. While we have our fair share of Harley owners here in bayou country, including myself, I am referring to the outlaw quadruped  variety or feral hog. While wild hogs have found their way into nuisance animal lists as far north as Michigan, here in the gulf states they pose a constant problem to not only farmers and ranchers, but to those trying to practice quality deer management or even simply keep a small home and garden in a low lying rural area. I never though much of these beasts until a few years back I spent night after night hearing a branch snapping thrashing sound come from the wood next to my home. About a week after I no longer heard it, I spoke to my neighbor, a true-blue country Cajun gentleman who informed me offhandedly that he and his buddies had caught a 500 pound wild hog in a live catch trap no more than 30 yards from my front door. It was at that point I realized the extent of the hog issue here in the gulf south.

Now over the past few years I have shared such stories with my friends, family and colleagues in the colder states, many of whom seem to find the phenomenon unbelievable, but many excited to know if these hogs are open game to hunt. The answer for the latter crowd is yes, as long as all state game laws are adhered to and the requests of the property owner are respected. Lets always remember that this is THEIR land they are allowing US to hunt on. Just this past summer, Louisiana made it even more enticing for the average firearms junkie to take up hog hunting. As of August 2011, nighttime use of a sound suppressor has been authorized for the purpose of polite and quiet removal of these generally nocturnal pests. During the spring to late summer months, round the clock nuisance animal hunting is allowed. As long as one has the landowner’s written permission and contact information on hand, and has alerted the local sheriff of their intent to hunt hogs after daylight hours, it is open season on Wilbur and his buddies using any legal firearm.

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