About Me

Vincent Buckles is a Detroit native and founder of Mesa Kinetic Research LLC. He has a decade of experience as a professional gunsmith and is a graduate of Pennsylvania Gunsmith School. A lifelong firearms enthusiast, Buckles began shooting in his Cub Scout pack when he was 8 years old. Vincent continued his scouting career in Boy Scout Troop 1024, earning the rank of Eagle Scout when he was 15.

Moving to South Louisiana after graduating from gunsmith school, Buckles spent two years working under a master of their craft before moving on to become one of the most respected gunsmiths in the greater Baton Rouge area. In 2011, TV success brought Buckles into the national spotlight and later that year he formed Mesa Kinetic Research LLC initially to be simply a research and development company. Popular demand for a civilian line of MKR firearms has grown and while at this time no official announcements of a product line have been made, it can be reasonably assumed that Mesa Kinetic will bring us more than just research. Vincent Buckles resides in South Louisiana with his wife and children. He is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.